Mindon Heating & ThermalMindon Engineering manufacture a comprehensive range of high-specification standard design box and tunnel ovens in modular sizes.

We also design and build bespoke ovens that are custom-built to meet a wide range of industrial process requirements.

We supply thermal process solutions for a wide range of paint finishing applications, from wet and dry powder paint curing processes to clear lacquer and varnish curing.

Mindon make bespoke ovens for other thermal processes including heat treatment curing processes and annealing for plastics, nylon, rubber and metals - used for stress relieving and heat-forming processes.

Mindon design and manufacture oven systems for a wide range of exacting industrial processes.

  • Batch type box ovens
  • Conveyorised tunnel ovens
  • Heat treatment ovens to 550ºc
  • Paint drying and curing ovens
  • Drum melt ovens Multi-pass conveyor systems
  • Camel-back ovens
  • Space-saving tower ovens

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