Tower & Camel Back Ovens

Camel back ovens are elevated from the ground, with open apertures within the floor of the oven for items to enter and leave, providing efficient operation. This design of oven is suitable for either indexing, or continuous conveyorised operation and ideal for processing mass-produced small components with low running costs.

The camel back oven offers a solution that is highly heat efficient, with heat loss kept to a minimum through the openings to the oven. They can be used in a wide range of industrial processes, for instance, in powder coating systems.

Vertical tower ovens are a great way to help reduce space on a factory floor, whilst offering high efficiency for heating applications. The compact system makes use of a stacking mechanism with access for loading and unloading. It is possible to incorporate zones within the tower that are controlled at different temperatures as well as a cooling are before the unloading of items.

Both camel back and tower ovens are space efficient solutions where floor space is limited. Mindon are able to provide these ovens as tailor-made to suite your industry requirements.

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